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Hope Springs Eternal

Creation is necessarily about differentiation.

It’s the ironic twist of soul laden fate to create separation so we discover the many colors that constitute our wholeness. It’s the experience of knowing ourselves in relationship to everything around us and within us - with those journeys that catch us off guard, turning our world upside down, with those mountains and molehills we cultivate, pray for, wish for, dream for, decide are insurmountable or easily navigated.

In the blink of an eye, each offers us the opportunity to live from the inside out rather than the outside in... to witness our capacity to love and feel free in the eyes of another, especially in the eyes of ourselves as we gaze into the depths of our own longing.

Awakening energies beckon us to discover that which is best, that which is most loving. We are encouraged to reach from within, to break ground, to break through, to break free from the crystallizations of thought and feeling that have taken root, behaving like a petrified forest, anchored and perceivably immovable… we can choose to dig deep, tapping into that reservoir of richness that lay deftly beneath what our eyes can see, where hope springs eternal, our effervescent natures carving a path with the hands of grace so we can emerge from our slumber and explore new ways of knowing ourselves.

We are invited once again to be true to ourselves, because being true to ourselves even in the span of one breath can be an awakening that lasts a lifetime, encouraging us to blossom in any direction, no matter the season.

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. - Henry Ward Beecher

Gratitude is something we usually call upon at dusk, after the fact and when trust has proven herself a worthy ally, grateful for all the goodness that has been bestowed upon us since we awakened.

So what would it be like if we turned things upside down, if we returned to our roots and began with gratitude, in the here and now, allowing it to be the ultimate spring tonic?

What would it be like if were were indeed grateful for every itch, ouch, and ahhh... for every moment that caused us to pause or leap without regret? What could it be like?

The energies of renewal, innovation, and heroics would be exponential, the breath of which would blow open any window that has kept us from knowing the truth of our soul! Our humanity would be enriched with a depth of exaltation that allowed us to fly, let alone reach.

It would be a revolution of spirit that granted us direct access to our natural ability to lead from the creative heart, to frolic in the reverent and irreverent, to snuggle with our sexy, direct and willing natures, even if they’ve been buried beneath that petrified forest… to breathe life into the inspired musings that wander in our imagination just waiting for fertile ground to plant themselves.

Gratitude makes it all possible, because when we reach from there, we reach from the eternal.

With gratitude our ability takes center stage... our dreams become panoramic, our intentions made manifest. New cycles of peace and harmony emerge as we begin to live through the heart where unconditional love runs free, joy washing away anything that clouds our view. Heavenly love and compassion meander freely through all the crevices of stale and stubborn ideologies that need revision and refinement, inspiring change.

We remember that it is our destiny to share of the Spirit that lives us all, and as we innately honor this calling, to the doorstep of our humanity is automatically delivered a deeper understanding of abundance and prosperity, of the infinite supply that lives and breathes beyond the conceptual, that place where eventually we recognize that we ourselves are the hope that springs eternal.


Many believe that it is,

love that grows but it is,

the knowing that grows...

love simply expands to contain it.

- The Shack


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Always live in the direction of your joy,

Dr. Lauren Nappen

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