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Ignite Your Power
This is where:
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  • We shed light on old storylines colliding with your hopes and dreams, calling on the wisdom of your soul nature to mature them forward.
  • We value every steppingstone and the opportunities they’ve offered in building strength, resilience, hope, and gratitude.

  • We leverage the magic of If, to grow your confidence and discover your soul’s purpose.


You become your own inspiration!

Fasten your seatbelt!
Ignite Your Power is a dynamic breakthrough process focused on any one area of your life that is most pressing.
  • 12 hrs. of powerful processes over 2 days, or choose successful completion within 30 days, with post breakthrough support available as you actualize the changes in the coming weeks and months. 

  • Conversational Wellness, Elixirs of Nature & Integrative Nutrition draw out the underlying themes vying for center stage.

  • In person or virtual.

When you remember that you’ve forgotten who you are, then we have a place to begin…

Dr. Lauren Nappen

Support After Ignite Your Power

For continued spiritual guidance Original Medicine sessions are available either in person or virtually. Receive support as you observe your heart in real time; acclimate to the inner choices you explored, make course corrections, embrace a new challenge that has surfaced and is seeking the limelight. 

Packages to consider:

4 Mini Sessions
3 Sessions
As the Spirit Moves You

4 weekly, 30-minute Original Medicine Sessions (virtual)

3 bi-weekly, 1-hour Original Medicine Sessions (in-person or virtual)

As Needed Original Medicine Session (in-person or virtual)

Majestic Actions of the Spirit

Envision them. Create them. Participate in them. Share them. Love them. Repeat.

Dr. Lauren Nappen


I am ever grateful for every conversation, every observation, every challenge, every tear, every laugh,and every prayer – every moment – that I experience because of Dr. Lauren.

- Mary Carol

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