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Spiritual Counseling & Wellness
Beyond the Flaws. and into the Wonder.

Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love.


To find your life, you must find your heart – your spiritual heart – you must welcome it fully and learn to live through it willingly.

Beyond the calluses and bruises of earthly existence, when you recognize and remember your spiritual nature you rise into the One Heart. From here, you can reach anywhere and never lose your balance. Anchored in a strength greater than words can describe, you can:
  • Loosen your attachments and entanglements to the edges of your own extremes.
  • Remember who you are while learning to recognize yourself in another.
  • Awaken to the divine mystery that moves you from knowledge to knowing, from time to love.
  • Explore the nature of unconditional, love, forgiveness, and gratitude as it lives and breathes you.
  • Recognize that loving is your native language (and for curious explorers, consider an immersion into Deep See Diving).

Ministerial Services
Weddings, Life Celebrations & Personal Prayers

To LOVE someone deeply gives you strength. Being LOVED by someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

Compassion. Loving.
Forgiveness. Gratitude.
Mindfulness. Heartfulness.

Stillness. Peace.

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From birth to death, there are cycles and seasons, rituals, and rites of passage - each one offering us a chance to reflect and commit to our next step on the path. Crafting and writing for these moments speaks deeply to my heart.

Dr. Lauren Nappen


I Would Be Honored

If you are called to make a deeper commitment to the one you love, need to honor and celebrate someone who has made their transition into spirit, or simply need to connect more deeply to the rhythm of your own soul nature, I welcome your inquiry.
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