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Finding the Open Door

It began with a question about faith.

Something will awaken us -

Then, it morphed into a conversation about the curious nature of trust, about exercising and embodying both in the pursuit of something that feels safe and sound when literally that is the last thing we feel as we put one foot in front of the other amid chaos.

Regardless of all the dramatic ways we can describe being stuck (guilty as charged,) the next step will eventually get taken – it must, simply because embedded within the awakening is the energy to bring it to fruition, the timing of which can be irritatingly unpredictable.

As we continued our work together, she made her Aura Soma selection, received Reiki Energy and Jin Shin Jyutsu as a way of bringing the body/mind/spirit into even greater alignment. We shared thoughts on letting go, digging deeper, flying higher… tears released, laughter ensued, eyes sparkled… she reconnected to herself, her soul self, the door to her heart opened in the most peaceful and loving way.She left that session feeling as light as a feather and that was just the first session in her Deep See Diving Immersion.

It was a Sunday.

And it felt like an emergency -

Her hair was falling out. A beautiful 13 yr. old with a busy softball schedule, stunned by the amount of hair in her hand. Discussions about yet another post-COVID oddity became the focus with no answers her mom could find on any search engine that settled the upset. We chatted about school, her friends, anything worrying her - of course her first response was no. No. Such a protective response. We’ve all been there, no matter the age.

A Zyto Scan was used to take an energetic peek at what could be happening. The scan itself revealed great angst in the emotional body which opened the door for a more intimate conversation with her and her dad about recent events at school that baffled her heart, leaving her caught and confused on how to respond. I tested and recommended specific nutrition, and suggested her mom create a specific dosage bottle of Flower Power as well as explore the expertise of dermatology to rule out anything that may be lurking under the radar.

While there was hesitancy to take this step, as is often the case when any of us chooses a philosophy (vitalism/mechanism, allopathic/holistic, freedom/discipline…) we often forget that everything has its place and purpose under the sun; as we explore the far extremes of any thought, feeling or rule we live by, there is always a middle ground enriched with hope. Embracing the gift in all can be the greatest teacher and the ultimate graduation when we succeed in living ever closer to the nature of the Unconditional.

Getting old.

Uggggh -

He doesn't like it. Not at all. Things keep happening. His body aches. “Wear and tear” they say, as the process of bending sounds more like a dysfunctional cog wheel rather than a well-oiled machine. It takes a little bit longer to feel better and fully alive no matter the circumstance. And then there is golf. At all costs. No matter what. Really. Totally annoying. I get it.

It’s a challenge when expectation and reality differ in their presentation.

I ahhhjust him, fix the boo-boos all the while remembering that the power that made the body heals the body, and it doesn’t happen any other way. Finding the open door is key – in the art of healing - physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually – the key is understanding that each layer is intimately and exquisitely connected to another.

Our life is our medicine.

Original Medicine reminds us that our life is our medicine. While each story is unique to the person living it, the collective heart reminds us that anyone’s story is everyone’s story. While the cast of characters may be different, what draws us together is the shared experience of overcoming the insurmountable and the path we choose to rise. As the mirror presents us to ourselves, we can exchange half-truths for soul truths, discern, decipher, and tug at old beliefs, assumptions and expectations that have settled in for the long haul – into our bones, cells, and tissues, into the mind, emotions, and memories.

The dragon of truth slays our illusions, the threads of blame and misunderstanding unraveling with each fiery breath as we reconnect to the still small voice that sheds light on the magnificent truths of this life – there are no secrets within us, loving is our native language, and the soul who sees is not without hope.

Welcome to this next incarnation of my soul purpose. I am honored to be of assistance as you create and build the bridge between your human nature and your soul nature, discovering and exploring the expression of your humanity along the way. It is a blessing to support you in finding your open door.

We flourish because we can.

We soar because we said YES!

- Dr. Lauren

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. - John Muir


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