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Original Medicine
Medicine of the earth, heart and soul.
Original Medicine is an elegantly simple answer to complex and challenging times. Pairing ancient wisdom with new knowledge, it influences the emotional, psychological, and spiritual body, so that your chemistry responds, and your cells begin moving.
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Embrace the Questions
As you embrace the tender and poignant stories of your life, you’ll begin to recognize their value and the blessing they offer you. Your inquisitive nature can illuminate the path of understanding as your step into your Wisdom to Flourish.
  • Is there an undefinable obstacle between you and your dreams?

  • Would you rather live through your faith than in the pit of your fear?

  • Are you curious about how anger can awaken, and forgiveness can lift?

The questions alone begin the process of releasing the energetic and physical habits of thought and feeling that have become biological and symptomatic. An infusion of compassion and buoyancy pave the way for releasing patterns of illness, dissonance and fear that keep you from experiencing your most radiant nature. Eventually you may notice that your answers are love letters to yourself.

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The Healing Arts

A synthesis of the most graceful and natural healing modalities to achieve balance.

For 30 years, Dr. Lauren has gathered and synthesized the most graceful and natural healing modalities to achieve balance and harmony in any individual who walks into her healing sanctuary. Because she intimately understands that healing is ultimately the creation of a new relationship within, she welcomes your intuition as the two of you discover the best healing arts for you.

Because Original Medicine is a multi-dimensional and integrative process, we will look closely at how pivotal moments in your life have become the medicine of your life. Finding the open door is key in the art of healing - physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually – the key is understanding that each layer is intimately and exquisitely connected to another.


With decades of experience working with the heart and soul of human bodies and human beings, Dr. Lauren intuitively knows how to navigate this landscape. Whether you choose one session or make a commitment to yourself through a series of sessions, you will begin the journey of making powerful, solid, and soulful choices as you create and live your inspired life.

Therapy session

Conversational Wellness

Sacred Listening

NLP with Time-Line Technique & Hypnosis

Havening Technique ®

The Elixirs of Nature

Aura Soma Color System 


Flower Essence Therapy

Reiki Treatment

The Power of Touch

Gentle Wellness Ahhhjustements

Jin Shin Jyutsu


Vegan Bowl

Integrative Nutrition

Whole Food Supplementation with Standard Process (Buy here)

Nutrition Response Testing

Zyto Technology

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

John Muir

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