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A Soul-Centered Transformational Retreat for Healing & Peace
Reconnect to the Intention of Your Spiritual Heart with Dr. Lauren Nappen

If you're not living your life, whose are you living?

A Spiritual Immersion for Body and Soul

5 sessions over 3 days, a very personal and intimate journey from self to spiritual truth, focused solely on your most pressing challenge(s). At her Healing Sanctuary in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, Dr. Lauren creates a profound and beautiful opportunity for you to align your feet with your heart, so you’re walking as one.

A Healing Adventure Like No Other. Heart-Centered. Loving. Kind.

During the Deep See Diving experience, Dr. Lauren draws upon her 30 years of experience in this work to apply a holistic approach to healing that is different for each individual and their specific challenges using a combination of Vibrational Healing Arts, Enlightened Spiritual Counsel and Your Inner Knowing.

Vibrational Healing Arts

Dr. Lauren has created a magnificent process by gathering and synthesizing the most graceful and gentle healing instruments to create a seamless integration of nature’s resources for the journey you are embarking upon.

The Original Medicine Session
The Heart of Forgiveness 
The Elixirs of Nature
The Power of Touch

Jin Shin Jyutsu



Spiritual Wellness: Guidance & Counseling
The Havening Technique®

Unconditional Loving



Aura Soma Color 


Flower Essence Therapy

Soul-Centered Gifts, Just For You​
Words of Art & Affirmation
A Deep See Diving Journal
A Personalized Flower Essence Bottle
Aura Soma

Sweet and simple messages that remind us to walk our path. Includes the award-winning book Wishing You.

Throughout this immersion and beyond, Dr. Lauren encourages individuals to write as path to healing.

Dr. Lauren handcrafts a gentle and safe formula to aid in your healing.

The Aura Soma selection traveling with you is the culmination of your Deep See Diving Journey.


A Breakthrough Experience

"I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for deep inner healing, physically, mentally, or spiritually, to dive right into to Dr. Lauren's Deep See Diving experience.  I went in with NO expectations and was overjoyed with the deep releases that I experienced. Through self-inquiry, journaling, and the use of strategically-coordinated healing modalities, I was able to break through past trauma and open my heart. "


- Kim Z.

Boat on Lake

Plan Your Immersion

A 3-Day Healing Haven

Plan Your Retreat


Flexible Timing, All Year Long

The Deep See Diving immersion is for (3) days, from Thursday to Sunday, and will be held at Dr. Lauren’s Healing Sanctuary in Mechanicsville, PA, just minutes from Doylestown and New Hope, PA.


For inquiries and investment details, please contact Dr. Lauren (the old-fashioned way) at 215-794-0606 or

Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring Sessions are available as a wonderful support after your Deep See Diving adventure or as a unique service unto themselves. Sessions may include one or all the Vibrational Healing Arts.


Havens for Rest & Relaxation

The beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania countryside is abundant with wonderful B&Bs picturesque landscapes, artistic treasures, and eclectic shops, so you can create the perfect setting as you ease into your peace while claiming the creative spark, whether you are travelling from afar or live right around the corner.

Places to Rest Your Head and Heart*

A few miles from Dr. Lauren's Sanctuary (get directions)


Wandering & Wondering

Nearby Parks, Rivers & Lakes


For more ideas, visit:

*Dr. Lauren Nappen and her healing sanctuary have no direct affiliation with any of the above - mentioned options unless specifically stated. They are offered as a starting place as you begin planning your Deep See Diving time of renewal.

After the Immersion

Continued Support

After the Dive

Support After The Dive

For continued spiritual guidance post-Dive, The Original Medicine session is available in 30-60-90-minute increments, either in person or virtually. Packages to consider:

4 Mini Sessions
3 Sessions
As the Spirit Moves You

4 weekly, 30-minute Original Medicine Sessions (virtually)

Receive support and focus as you acclimate to your new awareness in real time.

3 bi-weekly, 1-hour Original Medicine Sessions (in-person or virtually)

Dive a little deeper as you observe heart and habits in daily living. Holding yourself accountable to the inner choices you explored during your immersion is much easier to do when guided.

As Needed Original Medicine Session (in-person or virtually)

When you feel like you desire a spiritual boost or deeper dive on a particular hardship.

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