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Bach Flowers
Create a New Edge of Possibility with Bach Flower Essences

The Soul Essence of Nature

  • Reminds us that limiting beliefs can simply fall away.

  • Teaches us how to sacrifice emotional turmoil so we can embrace our greatness.

  • Demonstrates how to BE ourselves fearlessly.

  • Affirms our ability to live from our confident and loving heart.

Flower Essences

As an extension of Mother Nature and one of the subtlest tools of Energy Medicine, these liquid infusions of botanical intelligence gently and safely assist us in transforming places of challenge that threaten and confine our successful expression in life. They remind us of the effortless living available to us.


​They add power to our purpose by helping us free ourselves from the clutter of downward energies (fear, doubt, uncertainty, etc.) from thoughts that have us living someone else's truth, and from splinters in our perception that have us forgetting who we are. When we’re in harmony with ourselves, we’re in harmony with the world around us!


Whether you're exploring how the Bach Flower Essences can support you on your own evolutionary path or you have heard the inner call to share this gift with others as part of your healing practice, Bach Flower Essences are an invaluable resource to add to your healing toolkit.


Flower Essences are an integral part of Original Medicine path and process.

Enlightened Learning with Bach Flowers

Mentoring & Certificate Programs
Help Yourself and Others
(Virtual & In Person)


Mentoring (One to One)

The opportunities are endless for YOU!

Perfect for:

  • the novice, the seeker, the inquiring mind that simply wants to know how they work, why they work and how best to use them on one's evolutionary path. The POWER of FLOWER POWER! Sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?

  • the seasoned flower essence practitioner in need of review & guidance; a refresher on remedy selection for a client or yourself, or possibly a brainstorm on practice strategy in your healing arts practice. Fantastic!!!

  • the personal/life coach, counselor, therapist, or healing arts entrepreneur, looking to explore how Flower Essences can magnify those moments of awe and wonder for your client, while reminding you of the greater WHY, for what you do. Wonder for two? Genius!


Find all Bach Flower courses in North America at

Bach Flower Institute

Bach Flower Education Certification Program (CEU available)


Excited about the possibility of partnering flower essence education with certification for:

  • a group of 3-4 of your closest friends,

  • an association you know, or,

  • a healing arts organization?


Four Tiers of instruction and training so you know that you know, par excellence, the blessings of nature’s offering.


Minimum of 4 students to save the date.

I have worked with Flower Essences both personally & professionally (teaching and consultation) for over 40 years. Acting as a vibrational synergist, flower essences are the secret sauce of any transformational process. Choosing to draw upon this well spring of botanical intelligence greatly improves any healing outcome.

Dr. Lauren Nappen


"Thank you for an amazing weekend seminar. I not only learned so much, I also got inspired to keep getting to know the flowers on a more intimate level. You are a gifted and teacher and such a wonderful ray of sunshine. I truly can't wait to take your next class and maybe even see you before that for a consultation."

Dr. Irina B.

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