Bach Flowers
Create a New Edge of Possibility with Bach Flower Essences

The Soul Essence of Nature

  • Reminds us that limiting beliefs can simply fall away.

  • Teaches us how to sacrifice emotional turmoil so we can embrace our greatness.

  • Demonstrates how to BE ourselves fearlessly.

  • Affirms our ability to live from our confident and loving heart.

Flower Essences

As an extension of Mother Nature and one of the subtlest tools of Energy Medicine, these liquid infusions of botanical intelligence gently and safely assist us in transforming places of challenge that threaten and confine our successful expression in life.


​They add power to our purpose by helping us free ourselves from the clutter of downward energies, from thoughts that have us living someone else's truth, and from splinters in our perception that have us forgetting who we are.


Whether you're exploring how the Bach Flower Essences can support you on your own evolutionary path or you have heard the inner call to share this gift with others as part of your healing practice, Bach Flower Essences are an invaluable resource to add to your healing toolkit.


When we are in harmony with ourselves, we’re in harmony with the world around us!

Bach Flower Education: Certificate Program

Help yourself, help others & become a flower essence practitioner. 


Level 1

Bach Flower (Introductory)

The May 2022 class was fantastic!

Level 2

Bach Flower (Advanced)

Saturday 10/1 (10am-6pm) + Sunday 10/2 (10am-3pm) EST, 2022

Level 3

Bach Flower (Practitioner Training)

Look for Practitioner Training Spring of 2023


Bach Flower (Introductory)

Level 1

This seminar introduces you to Dr. Bach’s philosophy of self-help and simplicity. It is recommended for those who wish to use the essences personally, for friends and family, or to begin integrating them into use with clients.

  • Learn the indications and usage for each of the 38 Bach remedies & the Crisis Formula.

  • Explore the 90 yr. worldwide history of Dr. Bach's healing system.

  • Contemplate Dr. Bach's philosophy of true health and wellness.

  • Practice selecting Bach Flower Remedies for everyday circumstances (from infants to the elderly, even family pets) and create your own Flower Essence formula.

  • Consider the foundational principles of the Bach Flower Essences via case studies and practical exercises.


  • Prerequisite: None. Open to beginners.

  • Courses are held in person at the Original Medicine Sanctuary.

  • # of Students: 3-6

  • Typically held for 2 consecutive days (Saturday & Sunday)
  • CEU’s: 12.5 hrs. (NCBTMB, NCCAOM, ANMCB)​

  • By Request Only: One-to-One Class Offerings are available for Level I. Please expect higher tuition for this very personalized and intimate course experience.​


Bach Flower (Advanced)

Level 2

This Master Level Course offers:

  • Extensive practice in choosing the correct remedies via case studies, video, exercises, and discussion with peers.

  • Greater understanding about the System as a whole.

  • A deeper dive into the subtle distinction between seemingly closely related essences as we examine type and mood essences.

  • An exploration of how the remedies relate to your life goals and personality traits.

  • Direct application of Dr. Bach's philosophy as it applies to your everyday life.

  • The self-assured ability to choose successfully and effectively as you help others.

  • Opening the door to a lifelong relationship with nature.

This is the 2nd tier of a 3-tier program at the Bach Flower Institute leading to recognition as a Bach Flower Certified Practitioner.


  • PrerequisiteBach Flower Level 1

  • Courses are held in person at the Original Medicine Sanctuary.

  • Typically held for 2 consecutive days (Saturday-Sunday)

  • # of Students: 3-6

  • CEs: 12.5 hours (NCBTMB, NCCAOM, ANMCB)


Bach Flower (Practitioner Training)

Level 3

Perfect for those who wish to use the remedies in a professional manner, including seamlessly incorporating them into an existing health practice. Successful completion of the course allows one to apply to The Bach Flower Practitioner Alliance. Receive:

  • A solid foundation in how to conduct consultations with others.

  • Knowledge of effective questioning techniques while practicing heart centered listening.

  • A deeper dive into your remedy selection via case studies, exercises, and discussions with peers.

  • An evolving understanding of the subtleties of the Bach flower remedies and choice selection.

  • Exploration of the many practical steps to help you establish a successful practice.

  • Strengthen your connection to Dr. Bach's timeless philosophy of healing.


  • Prerequisites: Levels 1 and 2. This enrollment is limited and by application only.

  • All Courses are held in person at the Original Medicine Sanctuary.

  • Typically held for 3-1/2 days on-site followed by 6 months supervised home study.

    • Home Study: 6 months, offering the opportunity to become a Bach Flower Certified Practitioner. This addresses both theoretical and practical issues, including client case studies, short essays, philosophy, and remedy application. Each student will receive personal feedback on their work throughout the study period.

  • # of Students: 4-6

  • CEs: 22 hours for the onsite section, 40 hours for Home Study. 

    • Massage therapists (NCBTMB)

    • Oriental Medicine NCCAOM (onsite class only)

    • American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board ANMCB

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I have been using the essences for 40 yrs. both personally and professionally and teaching for 15 yrs. I am consistently amazed at how far reaching the flowers are. Choosing to draw upon this well spring of botanical intelligence can greatly improve any healing outcome.

Dr. Lauren Nappen


"Thank you for an amazing weekend seminar. I not only learned so much, I also got inspired to keep getting to know the flowers on a more intimate level. You are a gifted and teacher and such a wonderful ray of sunshine. I truly can't wait to take your next class and maybe even see you before that for a consultation."

Dr. Irina B.