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Live the dream of your heart.
The stars have finally aligned & you now have the time!

Wondering if your attunements disappeared the same way that one sock did in the dryer?

Shy about admitting you may not have understood the first time around?

Simply need to be bathed in healing energy without knowing why?

Trust the calling!
A healing art tried and true, Reiki has stood the test of time, offering a palpable remembrance of harmony, wholeness, and peace for both practitioner and recipient.
Benefits & Blessings
Balances energy.

Calms, soothes and nurtures.

Encourages stillness and deeper listening.

Enhances our ability to know peace.

Creates a profound state of relaxation & ease.

Teaches the art of positive touch.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Courses

The power of touch... A self-healing journey. 

Reiki I

March 25, 2023

Saturday 10am-6pm EST

Reiki II

June 10-22, 2023

Saturday 10am-6pm EST

Sunday: 10am-1pm EST

Reiki Master

By Request Only

To initiate a Conversation, contact Dr. Lauren

Reiki Master Teacher

By Request Only

To initiate a Conversation,

contact Dr. Lauren

Level 1
Level 2

Reiki First Degree

Level 1

Designed for beginners, this course explores:​

  • One’s natural intuitive healing abilities.

  • The exquisite relationship between our human nature and our soul nature.

  • The process of dis-ease and disease.

  • The Reiki Principles.

  • Attunements and why they are important.

  • The importance of self-care.

​Each student will receive the necessary attunements to begin channeling Reiki Energy and participate in the giving and receiving of a treatment.


  • PrerequisiteNone. Open to beginners.

  • Typically held on a Saturday.

  • All Courses are in person at the Original Medicine Sanctuary.

  • ParticipantsBest with 2-4 participants. A one-to-one personalized class experience is available upon request for a higher tuition.

Reiki Second Degree

Level 2

Designed for those who are ready to deepen their understanding of Reiki Ryoho and the art of healing. In this class, you will:

  • Reacquaint yourself with the Reiki story.

  • Receive symbols & attunements to channel greater degrees of Reiki Energy.

  • Practice hand positions, work on others, and role play practitioner dialogue.

  • Step Into Virtual∙Distance Healing.

  • Review and discuss perspectives on healing and the fundamental components of developing a Reiki practice.

  • Expand your Self-Healing journey.


  • Prerequisites: A minimum of 3 months must have passed since you received your Reiki First Degree Attunements. Be prepared to share how you have made a commitment to self-healing using Reiki Self Treatments. If you've taken Level I with another teacher, you will need that certificate available at your fingertips.​

  • Courses are held in person at the Original Medicine Sanctuary.

  • Typically held on 2 consecutive days on Saturday + Sunday from 10am-6pm EST. 

  • Participants: Maximum of 4 participants. A one-to-one personalized class experience is also available upon request for a higher tuition.

Reiki Master

Level 3

Level 4

This intimate evening will illuminate places in your heart longing to be seen and heard. We’ll explore how to create a sense of sanctuary with the qualities of commitment, love, peace, harmony, cooperation, trust, and joy. Through this experience, one can:​

  • Expand and integrate personal evolution and internal leadership.

  • Receive the Master Symbol and explore the reality of personal & professional mastery.

  • Dedicate themselves to the lifelong commitment of living the Reiki principles.


  • Prerequisites: This course is available to those who have practiced Reiki Level I and II for a minimum of 1 year and can share their journey of commitment to healing through essay, including a few personal anecdotes of growth and healing. If you have taken Reiki I and II with another teacher, you will need those certificates at your fingertips.

  • Typically held on Fridays beginning before sunset and running 4 hours.

  • Course is held in person at the Original Medicine Sanctuary. 

  • Participants: Best with 2-4 individuals.


Reiki Master Teacher

For those who have been called and are sincerely interested in sharing Reiki, this 5-day, one-to-one class requires that you demonstrate living the Reiki Principles, and how you have shared Reiki with others, in a professional practice or as a volunteer.

This is a powerful experience so the student must be prepared to step out of their comfort zone, potentially revealing and healing all that yearns to be free.


  • Prerequisite: A minimum of 2 years must have passed since your active use of all 3 levels of Reiki Degrees.

  • LocationAll Reiki Classes are in person at the Original Medicine SanctuaryTo Initiative a conversation, please contact Dr. Lauren.


Dr. Lauren Nappen

Reiki Master Teacher

When we remain dedicated and steadfast to the study of anything as an art, what one gains in awareness can last their whole life in profound ways. From my own experience this is certainly true. The only way to have a highly successful healing sanctuary for nearly 30 yrs. is to be congruent with the art form and use it on myself. To this end, I continue to practice what I teach. As one of the first healing arts I ever experienced, Reiki has been a guiding light on my path as a healer. I am grateful and honored to pass on this marvelous gift of Spirit.

A Direct Lineage

As an art that is passed hand to hand from an Initiating Master, I feel blessed that I studied Usui Shiki Ryoho with Reverend Beth Gray, who was one of the longest practicing Reiki Masters, and one of the earliest masters initiated by Hawayo Takata (the 3rd person to share Reiki with the world.)


Attending Reiki Level One class with Dr. Lauren was an amazing experience from start to finish. Learning the history, how to practice on yourself and others and experiencing the healing powers of Reiki alongside a beautiful group of like-minded souls was an uplifting experience.”​   

Carla P., Elementary School Teacher

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