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Live the dream of your heart.
Reiki is one of the Healing Modalities we draw from as part of the Transformational Intensives & Original Medicine Sessions.
Benefits & Blessings
Creates the space for healing from the inside out by:

- balancing our energy.

- encouraging stillness & deeper listening.

- enhancing our ability to know peace.

- offering the experience of positive touch.

Reiki Treatment
Attune to the Energy
The Power of Touch... A self-healing journey.
The stars have finally aligned & you now have the time!

Wondering if your attunements disappeared the same way that one sock did in the dryer?

Shy about admitting you may not have understood the first time around?

Simply need to be bathed in healing energy without knowing why?

Trust the calling!
A healing art tried and true, Reiki has stood the test of time, offering a palpable remembrance of harmony, wholeness, and peace for both practitioner and recipient.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears...
Alternative Therapy
Classes by Request

As a Reiki Master Teacher, it is a calling to teach this work.


With over 150 students, spanning all Levels (I, II, Master and Master Teacher), you can feel confident when you say YES to beginning your Reiki Journey – it’s a powerful process that releases, heals and transforms.


To maintain the intimate nature of this process, classes can be One to One, with a few of your besties, or a life partner.


In-Person Only.

Dr. Lauren Nappen

Reiki Master Teacher

When we remain dedicated and steadfast to the study of anything as an art, what one gains in awareness can last a lifetime in profound ways. From my own experience this is certainly true.


The only way to have a highly successful healing sanctuary for 30 yrs. is to be congruent with the art form and use it on myself. To this day, I practice what I teach. As one of the first healing arts I ever experienced, Reiki has been a guiding light on my path as a healer. I am grateful and honored to pass on this marvelous gift of Spirit.

A Direct Lineage

As an art that is passed hand to hand from an Initiating Master, I feel blessed that I studied Usui Shiki Ryoho with Reverend Beth Gray, who was one of the longest practicing Reiki Masters, and one of the earliest masters initiated by Hawayo Takata (the 3rd person to share Reiki with the world.)


Attending Reiki Level One class with Dr. Lauren was an amazing experience from start to finish. Learning the history, how to practice on yourself and others and experiencing the healing powers of Reiki alongside a beautiful group of like-minded souls was an uplifting experience.​   

Carla P., Elementary School Teacher

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