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Where "WTF!" Transforms Into The Wisdom To Flourish
When you remember that you’ve forgotten who you are, we have a place to begin.

The further you move away from your soul’s path, the more you bump into yourself. Maybe it’s time to say hello.

Do you know what makes your heart sing? Do you remember how to stay connected to what’s precious? Curious about what it means to live a soul-centered life?

Are You Feeling ~

Irritated. Resistant. Uncertain. Exhausted. Grieving. Hopeless. Angry. Overwhelmed. Underwhelmed. Bored. Curious. Confused. Lonely. Have no idea which way is up?

Like breathing room. Acceptance. Understanding. Connection. Courage. Motivation. Direction. Enthusiasm. Laughter. Joy. Stillness. Tranquility. Peace.

Thirsty for Something More?

What if this shift was simply a breath and a "Yes" away?



Natural Medicine with a Spiritual Twist


Dr. Lauren's Original Medicine is an integrative approach to healing that incorporates a variety of practices and applications to treat the whole person – body to spirit and back again! It influences the emotional, psychological, and spiritual body, yet all the work is done through your physical nature so that your chemistry responds, and your cells begin moving.

The human body tells the story from a very simple perspective - where you said yes (faith), and where you struggled (fear). It makes little difference whether we begin with pain in the body or the history of your heartaches; we take the wounds and transform them into wins.
By pairing the healing modalities of Original Medicine with your Wisdom to Flourish, we can address:
  • The why’s (why me? why now?)

  • The how’s (how did this happen? how do we fix it?)

While this practical and integrative approach to healing may look like a derivative of functional medicine, it is that, and magically much more – imagine Natural Medicine with a Spiritual Twist!


Without the infusion of Spirit, you are bound to the complaints of your physiology and the labels that go with them. With Spirit, there’s breathing room! An infusion of compassion and buoyancy pave the way for releasing those patterns of illness, dissonance and fear that keep you from experiencing your most radiant nature.


We Flourish Because We Can. We Soar Because We Said 'Yes'.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


The Healing Arts

For 30 years, Dr. Lauren has gathered and synthesized the most graceful and natural healing modalities* to achieve balance and harmony in any individual who walks into her healing sanctuary. Because she intimately understands that healing is ultimately the creation of a new relationship within, she welcomes your intuition as the two of you discover the best healing arts for you.

Conversational Wellness
(Emotional & Spiritual)
The Certainty Session
The Havening Technique®



Time-Line Therapy & Techniques

The Elixirs of Nature
(Aromatic & Visual)

Aura Soma Color System 


Flower Essence Therapy


A pure, crystalline sound with powerful, resonant, tones that bring forward a profound sense of peace.

The Power of Touch

Chiropractic Wellness Ahhhjustments (Network Spinal Analysis, KST, Torque Release Technique)

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Reiki (coming soon!)

Integrative Nutrition

Symptom Survey

Nutrition Response Testing

Zyto Technology

Whole Food Supplementation (Standard Process Products sold here)

*Lengthy descriptions of each of these tools can be found anywhere. While each tool has its own unique characteristics and offerings for your best expression, Dr. Lauren has found that when loving and acceptance is added to the mix, they rise together in their capacity to help us make peace with what is present.

Deep See Diving Retreat

This soul-centered transformational retreat for healing and peace is 5 sessions over 3 days, a very personal and intimate journey from self to spiritual truth, focused solely on your most pressing challenge(s). At Dr. Lauren's Healing Sanctuary in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, she creates a profound and beautiful opportunity for you to align your feet with your heart, so you’re walking as one.

Original Medicine Classes - Just announced!

Check out the following classes and events:

  • Bach Flower Essences (Introductory, Advanced + Practitioner)

  • Reiki (Usui Method of Healing Reiki I, II, Master + Master Teacher) 

  • Seasons of the Soul (Quarterly Workshops)

  • And any other way the spirit moves me!

My deepest joy is to witness a frown turn into a giggle, tears transform into joy, and eyes sparkle, as clarity of vision and the wonder of possibility takes root.

I Teach Because...

I love to see people blossom and live the truth of their heart!

I know that it’s possible to realize our true potential.

It’s important to be reminded of the blessing that we already are.

Dr. Lauren is a Superpower, a Gift and a Healer


Go experience Dr. Lauren's superpowers for yourself. She will open up your brain and your soul.”​   

Dara N. King, Photographer

To live in the flow of your soul is to remember that you have wings.


That things happen to you is one level of understanding - to know that things happen for you, regardless of circumstance or diagnosis, is to awaken to moments of awe that have you remembering your raison d'être - your reason for being.


Your story of becoming, of deepening your life intention, of surrendering the habit and need to be in alignment with worldly timing while gracefully discovering your own.


Darkness challenges us to leap from her pinnacle and reach for our own because when we reach, the moment we choose to reach, we are free.

If you listen not to the pages or preachers, but to the smallest flower growing from the crack in your heart, you will hear a great song across a wide ocean, whose water is music connecting all...

John Squadra, author of The Ecstacy


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