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Heart of Winter

Even though we are in the heart of Winter, the edge of Spring is nearly here, perched on the doorstep of our creative spirit.

We are tickled by whispers of imminent and newborn thought, yet still reminded that the here and now is resplendent with its own unique gifts worthy of our attention.

As I look out the window, sharing the light of the sun and a moment of sanctuary with a family of deer nibbling on the grass, I feel a gentle giddiness in my soul knowing that the flowers are strengthening their roots in the heart of humans.

Once again, they are more than willing to share their grace, blasting through layers of dusty ideologies and stagnant story lines that have an uncanny ability to run amuck in our lives, often masquerading as wisdom.

Ageless and timeless, the spirit of nature has a magnificent and all consuming power to resurrect itself in a world that lives by the numbers. Although it grounds and anchors itself into the earth, as it reaches for the Light, its roots grow deeper and stronger.

And so it is with our souls. Always live in the direction of your joy, - Dr. Lauren


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Dr. Lauren Nappen

Office: 215.794.0606

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