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Catalyst for Change
We Flourish because we Can.
We SOAR because we said YES.

Spiritual Counseling, Mentoring & Coaching

A multi-dimensional approach to transformation - building strength, resilience, vitality, and joy, from cell to spirit and back again.


Change is on the horizon.

Do you know what makes your heart sing? Do you remember how to stay connected to what’s precious? Curious about what it means to live a soul-centered life?

Have You Ever Felt ~

Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Hesitant.

Exhausted. Lonely. Bored. Discouraged.
Angry. Sad. Have no idea which way is up?

Like breathing room. Acceptance. Understanding. Connection. Courage. Motivation. Direction. Enthusiasm. Joy. Tranquility. Peace.

Thirsty for Something More?

What if this shift was simply a breath and a "Yes" away?

Original Medicine

Medicine of the earth.

Medicine of the heart. 

Medicine for the soul.

What Is Original Medicine?

From the beginning of time, your soul has had a purpose for your life, brought forward through a cascade of relationships, experiences, and choices that would reveal the breadth and scope of your humanity, of what sings your heart, of what it means to live an inspired life.

Original Medicine is the story of your life… grace filled, heart centered, a blessing regardless of the terrain you are currently navigating.

Fear and Faith

The human body tells the story from an amazingly simple perspective –

where you said yes - faith

where you struggled - fear


Whatever you have not been able to make peace with, whatever has stretched you beyond your current understanding of the world and your place in it, your body and soul will shed light on it.

As I grew in faith I stopped asking “what am I going to do?” and started asking “who am I going to be?” Instead of asking myself, I started asking God.

Sister Mary E. Leiderbach


Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Original Medicine

Conversational Wellness,
Elixirs of Nature,
The Power of Touch &
Integrative Nutrition

Virtual or In-Person

Enlightened Learning

Seasons of the Soul
Bach Flower
Core Transformation

(coming soon)
NLP Training
(coming soon)

Virtual or In-Person

Homepage book

What You'll Experience

Joy, Healing & Transformation

Empowerment, Fulfillment and Gratitude

A Greater Sense of Empowerment
Life-Changing Breakthroughs
More Fulfilling Relationships

Risk being vulnerable while recognizing your brilliance and empower the new direction in which you’ve always dreamt.​​

Allow breakdowns to become breakthroughs and welcome the incredible parts of you that have been dormant.

Refine your relationships by immersing yourself in love, 

trust, and appreciation.

A More Grateful Heart
More Peace & Faith

What was once perplexing (pain) or even devastating (heartache) will transform you.

Rediscover an appreciation for the strength and creativity that already exists within.
What you'll experience

My deepest joy is to witness a frown turn into a giggle, tears transform into joy, and eyes sparkle, as clarity of vision and the wonder of possibility takes root.

To live in the flow of your soul is to remember that you have wings.

If you listen not to the pages or preachers, but to the smallest flower growing from the crack in your heart, you will hear a great song across a wide ocean, whose water is music connecting all...


Dr. Lauren is a Superpower, a Gift and a Healer

Go experience Dr. Lauren's superpowers for yourself. She will open up your brain and your soul.”​   

Dara N. King, Photographer

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