About Dr. Lauren
Founder of Original Medicine & Guide for the Deep See Diving Immersion

Life is significantly more joyful when the spiritual heart leads the way.


Early on in my spiritual path, I experienced a deep personal struggle surrounding a family tragedy when a dear friend and mentor asked me “do you want your life to be defined by the struggles you’ve had and how you overcame them, or whether you loved regardless?” The question itself anchored my spiritual trajectory; I fully embraced this first step in beginning a new relationship with the nature of unconditional love and forgiveness. Regardless of story or circumstance, would I step toward those qualities or turn away?


Along the way, the truth has revealed itself repeatedly: neither love nor forgiveness is complicated. What I/we attach to them can be, and sorting that out is a worthwhile journey to embark upon.

Original Medicine and Deep See Diving are the culmination of my journey, plus 30 years of working with countless others. They are the result of study and experience, of being human together, of choosing the loving action no matter what.


You are in great hands, whether you are in the throes of trying to manage the emotional rollercoaster from an unexpected diagnosis, or seeking to unwind the subtleties of grief, doubt, and longing. My ability to listen through my hands and heart, to acknowledge the hurts and joys through dialogue or silence while being a conduit for a more personal conversation between you and your higher Nature… this is my gift.


There is a richness to what happens in this sanctuary, a haven for heart and soul - my hope is that through our work together you rediscover the wholeness and fabric of your spiritual heart.

Always live in the direction of your joy.

Dr. Lauren

Degrees & Certifications

  • Doctor of Chiropractic at Sherman College of Chiropractic

  • Ordained Minister

  • Doctorate and Masters in Spiritual Science and Functional Nutrition

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki Master Teacher

  • Bach Flower International Educator

  • Practitioner of The Havening Technique®

  • Aura Soma Practitioner

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How I'm Different

Get to the Truth
I am direct so we can get to the truth. The perfect blend of tears and laughter are part of the gig.

I accept you as you are. This is SOUL centered work. I don’t play by the world’s rules.

A Catalyst for Change

I identify patterns, interrupt them and get to the heart of the matter, while making it safe and fun.

I see your greatness the moment I hear your voice.  

I see you in your courage & strength. 

I see you living in the direction of your joy. 

I see you through the eyes of love, no matter your challenges.

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